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Steuart's Calf-Aid 6Lbs.

Steuart's Calf-Aid 6Lbs.

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Steuart's Calf Aid is an acetate buffered electrolyte for weak or scouring calves.Calf-Aid contains the essential electrolytes in the proper proportions to replace fluid volume & electrolyte depletion caused by diarrhea.

When mixed according to directions Cal-Aid meets the following criteria.
 Guaranteed Analysis: 
  •     Sodium min 6.0% Max 7.0%
  •     Potassium    min 1.7% Max 1.9%
  •     Phosphorus  min .5 % 325 mOsm/liter  (osmolality)
  •     122 mM/liter of sodium
  •     107 mM/liter of acetate
Continue feeding milk/milk replacer to the scouring calf.  It is considered safe to give electrolyte solution to calves that exhibit a suckling reflex or chewing action.   Directions:  Mix one scoop of Calf-Aid (78 grams)  into 2 quarts of milk/milk replacer or 2 quarts of warm water.  Feed with a nipple bottle or an esophageal feeder.  Give every 12 hours until scouring subsides or for 3 days.  Continue feeding milk/milk replacer supplemented with Calf-Aid to the scouring calf. If good quality colostrum is available substitute that for part or all of the milk being fed to the scouring calf.   6 lbs. net weight  35 doses of 78 gram

Dextrose, sodium acetate, glycine, salt, disodium phosphate, potassium chloride, flavor.