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Suggested Uses

Suggested Uses of Steuart's Veterinary Products

Steuart Laboratories has been making health/medical products for animals for over 35 years. Unsure about which Steuart's veterinary products are right for your situation? Below you will find a table that will direct you.




Injured Teats, Cuts and Wounds

Teat HealMiracle Heal

Hyperkeratosis, Teat-end Sores

Teat HealTeat Conditioner Concentrate

Udder Edema

Udder Green Spray & RubUdder White Spray and Rub

Udder Sores

Wound SprayWound BarrierTeat Heal

Mammillitis / Herpes

Wound SprayTeat Heal


Teat Heal

*** Steuart’s, and Steuart Laboratories make no claim that its products treat or heal any medical condition or symptom. Natural remedies contain properties that may relieve symptoms associated with an array of medical conditions, but circumstances and results vary. Steuart’s, and Steuart Laboratories products have neither been tested nor approved by the FDA or any other governmental or health agency for the treatment of any medical condition. Products sold on are not intended to be utilized as a treatment for any medical condition. As with all medical conditions, consult a trusted physician, health care professional or health care provider before entering into therapy to treat serious or potentially serious ailments. Never make changes to your normal course of health care without first consulting a doctor or health care professional. ***