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Tips for Winter Skin Care

Dry skin can happen anytime of the year, but is even more common in the colder seasons. Our skin gets parched when the temperature starts to cool down, and as we spend more time in centrally heated air and wearing woolen clothing.
Prevention is always better than cure. Start incorporating a moisturizing routine before your skin gets too dry. Protect by applying face creams and body lotions to strengthen the skin's barrier against the cold. There's no rule to how much moisturizer each person should use, simply use enough until your skin feels comfortable.
For those concerned about the sticky feel body lotions might leave, in-shower body lotions are a convenient way to moisturize the skin. Designed to be used on wet skin after your usual shower product (think of it as a skin conditioner), it leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated -- no need to apply body lotion afterwards.
The skin's repair mechanisms are especially active at night when we are asleep. Take advantage of this time and always moisturize both face and body before you go to bed. Massage your skin to improve the skin's circulation which also helps you sleep more soundly.
Are there any tips or handy tricks to keep your skin feeling amazing this season?
Keep showers short and under 10 minutes. The longer and hotter the shower, the more moisture is lost from your skin. Taking a lukewarm shower, at approximately 32 degrees Celsius will help prevent stripping your skin of its natural oils.
As it gets colder, give preference to products that contain ingredients known for moisturizing qualities like almond oil, Shea butter or vitamin E to keep your skin feeling soothed and soft during fall/winter time.
How often should we exfoliate in the winter?
Exfoliation in cooler months is necessary to keep the skin looking radiant. If using a mechanical exfoliate (scrub), I recommend exfoliating two to three times a week.

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