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Simple Ways to Manage Back Pain

You could have got out of bed and twisted in an unusual way, or you could have picked something up that was a little bit too heavy and felt a twinge. Regardless of how it happened, if you suffer from back pain it can be difficult to get rid of, but you can take control just by incorporating these suggestions into your everyday routine.

It should go without saying that if you have been injured or your are experiencing numbness you should consult with your health care professional as soon as possible. However, if it is just ongoing niggling pain, these tips can be tried at home.

Cold therapy

Within the first 24 to 48 hours ice is great for reducing inflammation of an injury or stiffness and pain caused by any activity. You can put simple ice or a cold pack on your sore back or neck. You will want to take the ice off after 20 minutes on the affected area to give your skin a rest.

Heat therapy

According to Spine-health using heat to treat lower back pain can provide both pain relief and healing benefits. You can use heating pads, a hot bath, warm gel packs and heat packs to get relief. While some find that a combination of cold and hot treatments work wonders in providing relief for their back pain.
Limit bed rest

If your back hurts you might think resting up is a good idea, however, studies have shown that if you spend too much time on bed rest you risk increasing your recovery time and may end up experiencing more pain.
Instead of lying down, many professionals recommend you keep active. Take the dog for a walk, make the bed, hang out the washing. Every day activities such as these ensure that your spine is doing what it is designed to do. When you start to feel better, regular aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling, and walking can maintain your back’s mobility. Of course, common sense dictates that you don’t overdo it, so if gardening is a strenuous activity, avoid it while you’re in pain and of course avoid the activity that might have caused you pain in the first place.
Stretch it out

If you are prone to sitting down for much of your day, be sure to get up ever 20 minutes or so to stretch. You might find that you are hunched forward so when you stand try and arch backward. Including stretches of your legs too, as this can alleviate some of the pain you might be experiencing in your lower back.
If you are lifting objects — heavy or not — be sure you are using correct posture to do so, as this will reduce the risk of strain and injury.
Use relaxation techniques

The Brainwave Research Institute believes that meditation can help alleviate the pain your are feeling in your back because it helps you relax. Often back pain occurs as a result of overly tense muscles, and meditation can aid in relaxing these muscles while also promoting strong blood circulation throughout your body. Unlike sleep, which is also relaxing, meditation focuses your mind and prevents you from rehashing the day’s stresses and anxiety that would have likely contributed to the pain you are experiencing.
Find some quiet time in your day to quieten your mind and practice meditation.

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